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How the Streetcar connects People


The "Zeppelinwagen" is not only an important milestone for the history of Nuremberg’s streetcar. Moreover, it is a special symbol for the friendship between the cities of Krakow and Nuremberg, the transit companies MPK Krakow and VAG Nürnberg as well as our society – the friendship between people.

Zeppelinwagen FreundschaftIn front of 'Zeppelinwagen' #144 representing all those involved for maintain friendship between Krakow and Nuremberg are:
(right to left) Mariusz Szałkowski (MPK Kraków), Jacek Kołodziej (MPK Kraków), Thomas Luber (VAG Nürnberg), Tobias Schneider (VAG Nürnberg).

The exchange with Krakow is especially important to us. Contact started during the occupation of Krakow by German troops in the light of World War 2, but those contacts definitely were not of the friendly sort. Later a personal and intense friendship evolved, which despite changing of individuals throughout the years, is constantly being filled with life and adapted to changing situations.

Reciprocal visits not only involve the streetcar, although it is the connecting element. Our movie for car #1023 gives a glimpse behind the curtain, showing not just progress of reconstructing the car, but especially the people involved.





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