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Donations and Funding


Total costs for engineering, reconstruction and certification of car #144 are estimated at 225,000 Euro. Payments will be due step by step as detailed in the project schedule. This sum includes a new car body, new frame and all electric components. Goal is to have a car in operating condition.

During the overhaul of the existing trucks, it turned out that they were irreparably damaged. The frames of the trucks have to be replaced with new ones. Total costs increase from 190,000 Euro to 225,000 Euro and the existing risk buffer for unforeseen events in the calculation is used up, already.

Numerous donations and donation commitment from the "Zukunftsstiftung der Sparkasse Nürnberg" already enabled us to go ahead with the first steps.

To enable further progress, we do rely on further donations. These are necessary to ensure seamless continuation of the restoration of car #144.






Our bank details for donations:

IBAN:   DE81 7605 0101 0001 0504 44
BIC:      SSKNDE77
Sparkasse Nürnberg

Purpose of use: "Zeppelinwagen 144".